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JULY 2016

Online Student Manual

The Online Student Manual is being Updated!!!!

Website for Online Classes:

How to logon
You will need a username and password to logon. Your logon information comes from the information in your College student file.

Your username consists of the following:
College Code: 42
Student's nine digit Student ID #: 900002593

Your user name: 42_900002593
Password: 42_900002593
Note: Orientation is online and must be done the first day of class.

For security reasons, we recommend that you change your initial password. Once you logon, you can do that in the Personal Information section of your account.

This guide provides you with instructions for locating and enrolling in online courses. Before you begin, please take a moment to review the prerequisites and conventions used in this guide.

Technical Prerequisites
While you are enrolling and taking your course online, you will need access to:

  • An internet connection
  • A web browser (Netscape 3.01 or higher and IE 4.0 or higher)
  • Associated programs recommended by your instructor (ex: Word, Excel).
  • Mail Preferences configured to open Mail To: commands.

    Conventions Used in this Material
    There are several formatting conventions used in this course. Please take note of the formatting styles:

    • Buttons and Links will be indicated in BOLD
    • Items you type are indicated in this font
    • Locations on the screen are indicated in italics
    • Tasks you perform are listed as STEPS

    Sending Files using the Digital Drop Box
    When you use the digital drop box to send files, it is important to recognize that the file is only sent if you use “Send File”.

    In Blackboard, you are presented with two buttons in the Digital Drop Box:

    “Add File” only puts the file in your part of the digital drop box, from which you can select the file to be sent. This is useful if you need to upload a number of files and then send those files to a number of different users. Normally this is the way a teacher wants to use the Digital Drop Box.

    To send the file, you must use “Send File” and select the file and the recipient.

    You can bypass the “Add File” step entirely and use Send File both to upload and send the file.

    Course Navigation
    To access a class’s site, click on the name of the course under "My Courses"
    Note: Instructors have the capability to hide, disable, or rename certain areas and features, so all of these options may not be available to students or titled as shown below.

    Navigation Area:

  • Announcements – This area is used to display announcements, updates, and reminders. This area appears in the main course window each time you enter the course.
  • Course Information – This area is used to display general information about the course. Typically, this where the course syllabus, or the information contained in a syllabus would be found.
  • Staff Information – This area contains specific information about staff or faculty that are involved in the course.
  • Course Documents – This content-specific area is used to hold the majority of information that will be delivered online such as course outlines, handouts, lecture materials, and related readings.
  • Assignments – This area holds course assignments, tests, quizzes, and surveys.
  • Books - This area holds information about the textbooks and other reading materials or bibliographies pertinent to the course.
  • Communication – This area holds all of the communication tools. Discussion Board, Virtual Classroom (chat room), and email are located here, along with student and group pages.
  • Virtual Classroom - This area is a chat room exclusive to the instructor and those enrolled in the course and can be used to hold "live" classroom discussions, TA sessions, online office hours, question/answer sessions, and enable distant guest speakers to interact with the students.
  • Discussion Board - This area holds forums, or "threads" of discussion topics where students can post and respond to each other's ideas.
  • External Links – This area lists helpful URLs you can use to take virtual "field trips" or view related course material.
  • Groups - This area holds information about any groups that have been created within the course.
  • Student Tools – This area holds the tools needed to submit information to the instructor, view a course calendar, check your grades, manage your homepage, and edit your profile.
  • Resources – This area generates and lists helpful links, discussion groups, and news events pertinent to the course subject. Additional online helps such as a dictionary and thesaurus are also available.
  • My Institution (tab) – This returns you back to your "My Institution" home page.
  • Logout (icon) – This begins the logout process. To finalize the logout, the web browser must also be closed.
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