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Disability Services

What is the ADA?

The Americans with Disabilities Act is a federal law intended to stop discrimination against people with disabilities. Under Title II of the ADA, public colleges and universities are required to provide reasonable auxiliary aids and services to qualified students with disabilities. Providing auxiliary aids and services is not considered special treatment, but rather an equal opportunity to participate in the services, program, or activities offered by the college. SGTC STATEMENT OF NON-DISCRMINATION.

Admission of Students with Special Needs

The admission of students with disabilities is conducted within a framework of personal guidance and evaluation, special services are provided for the disadvantaged and/or disabled student. These services include aiding students in setting realistic goals, developing individualized programs of study, providing job orientation and placement assistance in determining the degree and nature of their disabilities and disadvantages, and suggesting community service agencies for assistance. Please see the college catalog for a more detailed explanation. SGTC Disability Services Student Handbook.

General Services

Special populations refers to individuals with disabilities, educationally and economically disadvantaged individuals (including foster children), individuals of limited English proficiency, and individuals who participate in programs designed to eliminate gender bias. For your convenience, the more common services provided are indicated here, please contact ADA coordinator for a more comprehensive listing. Some services provided to special populations include:

  • Students and their parents are provided information concerning the opportunities available in technical education.

  • Students are provided preparatory services in the form of career counseling.

  • Supplementary services are provided to students to facilitate their success during their technical college enrollment.

Securing Services

To secure services Special Populations’ individuals are recommended to contact the Special Populations Director, and apply for admission at the college (please see details indicated on this web site); in addition, if assistance is needed complete the admissions process contact the special populations’ director. For your convenience, there is a Special Populations and Disability Classification Form available on this website for you to print for your use.

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