Students may check out books from the general collection a period of two weeks. Students may renew books for an additional two weeks.

In order to check out books, students must have a valid library card.

The fine for overdue books is 10 cents per day per book. If a book is damaged or lost, the borrower will be required to pay for the cost of the item plus any processing fees.

Magazines, newspapers, and reference materials cannot be checked out. These items must be used in the Library.


Students may use the Library computers without signing in or showing an ID.

Students are responsible for saving their work to a flash drive. The Library does not provide flash drives for students.

Students must comply with Copyright Law when using Library computers and must avoid all illegal activity when accessing the Internet through a Library computer.

Students cannot add software to Library computers.

Library staff may be able to provide basic help regarding computers and the Internet, but they cannot provide in-depth help.


Students should plan to eat and drink before they come to the Library. Students are encouraged to eat and drink in the student center.

Students who bring snacks and drinks into the Library must observe these rules:


Students are expected to comply with the Copyright Law of the United States. A student who wishes to use material obtained from the Library must determine whether the material is covered by copyright law, and if so, the student must find the copyright holder and get permission to reproduce the material.


Children under the age of 16 are not allowed to use the Library.


Disorderly conduct including loud conversations, excessive noise, and harassment of other patrons or library staff is prohibited.


Students may not use cell phones in the Library.


Students using personal devices for listening to music must use earphones and turn the music down low enough so that the music cannot be heard by other people.


Students should never leave their personal belongings unattended. The Library has no responsibility for a student’s personal belongings.

SGTC Library Mission

The mission of the Library at South Georgia Technical College is to meet the educational, informational, and recreational needs of students, faculty, and staff by providing a collection of materials which supports the curriculum taught at the school and which addresses the range of subjects which are of interest to the Library’s users. This purpose will be accomplished by: