Resources & Services

Printed Resources
The SGTC Library has a collection of printed resources which includes books, reference materials, magazines, and newspapers. Some of these resources relate directly to the programs taught directly at SGTC, others provide information about a variety of different topics, and some fall under the category of reading for pleasure.

Online Resources
SGTC has access to a very large collection of online library resources through GALILEO: GeorgiA LIbrary LEarning Online. GALILEO contains 293 databases, the full text of over 10,000 periodical, and over 120,000 eBooks. GALILEO can be accessed at:

Computer Resources
The Library provides computers for students to perform research and complete classroom assignments. Microsoft Office software is available for student use in the Library: Access, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, and Word. An open WiFi connection is available in the Library which allows students to access the network through their personal devices.

Printers are available for student use. There is no charge to make one copy of a document. Multiple copies of the same document can be made at a cost of ten cents per page.

Xerox WorkCentre on the Americus Campus
Students on the Americus can use the Xerox 5945 machine to make copies as well as print documents from the network, send items by fax, and scan documents to pdf format.

Library Staff
The Library staff can help students to perform research or format a paper. Basic help is also available on the use of computers and software