Transfer Credit

Transfer credit may be awarded for courses completed with a “C” or better from a college, university, or other postsecondary institution accredited by a regional or national accrediting agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education. There is no charge for transfer credit.

Students desiring transfer of credit must:

The Registrar, in conjunction with the appropriate Dean for Academic Affairs, the Curriculum Committee, and involved program faculty member(s) when necessary, will evaluate all pertinent course information and award transfer credit when appropriate. SGTC reserves the right to test proficiency to verify mastery of current competencies for all coursework that is being considered for transfer. Transfer credit will be posted to the student’s transcript which is on file in the Student Affairs Office. Transfer credit will be indicated by the use of the letters “TR” and is not calculated in the grade point average.

Advanced Placement/Prior Learning Assessment
South Georgia Technical College supports the concept of advanced placement and assessment of prior learning. SGTC is aware that the equivalent to technical level learning may occur in a variety of settings. Advanced placement allows a student to receive course credit based on previous experience, formal or informal, and results in advanced standing within a diploma area.

Credit will be awarded when training experience corresponds closely with courses offered at South Georgia Technical College. The Registrar and Dean for Academic Affairs will evaluate each request and award credit when appropriate. Exemption credit will be indicated by the use of the letters “EX” and is not calculated in the grade point average.

Institutional Exemption Exam
South Georgia Technical College allows students to exempt classes by demonstrating thorough mastery of written and/or performance exams that have been developed by each program and adequately demonstrate achievement of the necessary competency level.

Each program has a published list of courses that can be exempted. These lists are available in the Academic Affairs Office.

A student may apply for exemption by completing the Institutional Exemption Exam form (see instructor or advisor). There is a per credit hour fee of 25% of tuition for the course to take the exemption exam, payable with the Institutional Exemption Exam Form. (Fee subject to change without notice.) No fee shall be charged to students taking an exam to validate articulated credit from high school.

The exemption exam for a particular class can be taken only once. A student must score an 80% or above for successful completion of the exam.

A student who enrolls in a course and receives a WF or a failing grade may not take the exemption exam for that specific course. A grade of “EX” is assigned to an exempted course.

Military Training Credit Policy
Transfer credit may also be awarded to students who have received training in the Armed Forces. Students requesting credit for Armed Forces’ training should submit a training certificate to the Registrar.

This training should be certified by the Guide to the Evaluation of Education Experience in the Armed Services, published by the American Council on Education or by the official Catalog of the Community College of the Air Force.

All students receiving educational benefits from the Veterans Administration must furnish a training certificate from any Armed Forces’ training and will be given credit for any class(es) which is required in their program of study at SGTC.