Emergency Action Plan

South Georgia Technical College Emergency Action Plan (EAP) was developed to minimize panic and confusion in the event of an emergency on the college campus.

The college will work directly with the City and County Law Enforcement and Emergency Management agencies to best manage the situation.

During a campus emergency, SGTC will take immediate action to implement the appropriate procedures to manage the emergency.  These procedures are meant to safeguard persons and property and to secure facilities.

In case of an emergency, faculty and staff will be notified through Blackboard Connect and the Emergency Notification System, instant messaging via all telephone numbers and emails on file with the college.

It is absolutely critical for current and accurate telephone numbers to be maintained on file and updated at each semester registration.

This is our primary means of notifying students of class schedule changes due to a campus emergency or weather emergency.

If a change is made mid-semester please notify the Office of Admissions at 229.931.2299 or cwalters@southgatech.edu

To learn more please contact Sammy Stone, Director of Campus Safety at 229.931.2130 or sstone@southgatech.edu

The Emergency Action Plan is on file in the Office of the Assistant Vice President of Student Affairs joshua.curtin@southgatech.edu