Veterans’ Club

We thank you for you and your family’s service to our nation!

You deserve our help to speed your entry into Georgia’s world-class workforce.  Combining the valuable training and experience you’ve gained through the military with some quick and affordable additional training at a technical college is the ticket to opening the door to great civilian careers.

We are committed to helping you and your family make the smooth transition from military service to civilian employment.

Concerned about the cost of college?  You shouldn’t be. You can obtain a world-class education at little expense to you.

Worried that earning a college credential will take too long?  Don’t be. You need to earn your technical certificate or associates degree in the shortest time possible. We will work with you to evaluate your military training and, whenever possible, count that experience as credit toward your college credential.

Think you’ll need help finding work?  Join the graduates who are in-demand. Career Services work closely with employers and human resource managers throughout Georgia, so count on us to assist you with your job placement.

Your new career is waiting.

To learn more please contact Phil Deese at (229) 931-2574


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