NTHS Crisp County Chapter Set to Celebrate Pi Day – with Pie

March 13, 2018
Pi Day Flyer
Pi Day will be held on March 14 from 11 AM to 12 noon in the LaPorte Auditorium.

South Georgia Technical College’s Crisp County chapter of the National Technical Honor Society is set to celebrate Pi day with pie. The student organization will host an event for Pi Day on Wednesday, March 14 in the LaPorte Auditorium from 11 a.m. to 12 noon. The first 50 currently registered students to attend the event and recite the irrational number Pi to six decimal places will receive a mini pie provided by the Culinary Arts Department.

Pi Day celebrates the infinite number Pi, which is often rounded to just six digits: 3.14159. The number is essential to mathematics and related fields like science, technology and engineering, and has been used in calculations for more than one thousand years.

The day is celebrated each year on March 14, or 3.14 as it is represented numerically. Pi Day is designated as a fun way to celebrate mathematics, science, technology and engineering.

The National Technical Honor Society honors the achievements of students within workforce education, provides scholarships to encourage to the pursuit of higher education, and cultivates excellence in today’s highly competitive workforce. For more information, contact Kari Bodrey at 229.271.4051 or kbodrey@southgatech.edu; Katrice Taylor at 229.271.4068 or ktaylor@southgatech.edu; visit www.southgatech.edu/campus-life/clubs-organizations/national-technical-honor-society.