SGTC video gives students step by step instructions for using on-line resources

April 9, 2020
Dr. Andrea Oates, SGTC Academic Dean, is helping students with on-line challenges.
Dr. Andrea Oates, SGTC Academic Dean, is helping students with on-line challenges.

   On-line or distance learning may be a challenge to some students, so South Georgia Technical College has prepared a step by step instructional video to help students conquer their hesitations about learning remotely.  The video can be found at:

   Dr. Andrea Oates, Academic Dean for on-line learning at South Georgia Technical College, prepared the step-by-step guide to introduce students to the single sign on process that allows students to access all of their student accounts with just one username and password.

   To take advantage of the single sign on process, students should log into their email account, then return to the South Georgia Technical College webpage at:  South Georgia Technical College also has a free mobile app that works with phones and tablets.  Students can visit their app store online and type in SGTC mobile or South Georgia Technical College to download.

  On the desktop version, students go to the SGTC website and click on the blackboard link on the college homepage.  Once that is accomplished, click on the single sign on icon and enter the first part of your email address as the username.  Then use the same password from the student email account log in as the password for the single sign on.  Students using the mobile version sign in the same way. 

   After signing in, students will be able to access all of their account information and assignments listed in blackboard, the college’s online platform.  Students can access grades, courses, notifications, student financial information, and make mobile payments.  There is also a directory with important numbers and access to SGTC social media sites.

   “That is all there is to it,” said South Georgia Technical College Academic Dean Dr. Andrea Oates.  “I will be glad to help students or answer any questions.  My email address is   Students and faculty and staff can also send questions about their email accounts or IT related concerns  to”

   South Georgia Technical College also has a general email address: for any other questions or concerns.