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QEP Jetstream, Issue 1, Summer 2017

QEP Team

SGTC announces R.E.A.D. (Reaching Every Academic Dream) Initiative

South Georgia Technical College has announced the implementation of the R.E.A.D. (Reaching Every Academic Dream) initiative, which is the topic for the college’s Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP). The initiative is designed to promote reading engagement and comprehension, promote development of stronger reading skills, enhance program engagement, create a desire to read, and ultimately, improve student learning as well as college and workforce success. The initiative’s outcomes will be measured using direct assessment in vocabulary growth, reading comprehension and recognition, and critical analysis of reading materials linked to each of SGTC’s program areas. As a result of the implementation of the R.E.A.D. initiative, students will become better informed about their chosen career and will be more fully engaged both as students and employees upon graduation/completion.

A QEP Design and Implementation committee has been named, and they have informed SGTC faculty, staff, students, and the college’s Board of Directors about the plan’s progress and details.

The QEP committee consists of broad-based representation of South Georgia Tech employees, and that committee includes chair David Kuipers, Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs; co-chairs Andrea Ingram, Computer Information Systems instructor, and Raven Payne, General Education instructor; and members Karen Bloodworth, Marketing Management instructor; Brenda Hudson Boone, Accounting instructor; Audra Cook, Registrar Assistant; Jaye Cripe, Early Childhood Care and Education instructor; Mary Cross, Marketing Management instructor; Linda Edge, Administrative Assistant; Paul Farr, General Education instructor; Gwen Hall, Accounts Payable Technician; Kyle Hartsfield, Heavy Equipment Dealers Service Technology instructor; LaKenya Johnson, Special Services Disabilities Coordinator; Dr. Deborah Jones, Assistant Vice President for Student Navigation; Teresa McCook, Criminal Justice Technology instructor; Dorothea Lusane-McKenzie, Cosmetology instructor; Michele Seay, Psychology instructor; Jerry Stovall, Director of Library and Media Services; Dianne Trueblood, Media Specialist; Yolanda Tyson, Financial Aid Assistant; and Valerie Hines, Marketing Coordinator.

Co-chairs Raven Payne and Andrea Ingram presented the R.E.A.D. Quality Enhancement Plan to South Georgia Technical College’s Board of Directors at its August board meeting, held at South Georgia Technical College. The Design and Implementation Committee also developed and performed a skit at a faculty and staff meeting in July, in which committee members acted as students who were starting to feel disconnected from their program areas. The purpose of the skit was to illustrate the concerns the initiative aims to address regarding reading engagement across the curriculum.

A pep rally was held on each campus to help kick off the Reaching Every Academic Dream (R.E.A.D.) initiative and to ensure students understand how the R.E.A.D. initiative will help enhance their educational experience. Students performed songs, poems, spoken word, and other creative performances to show their creativity and their understanding of the R.E.A.D. QEP initiative.

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