Online Orientation

Online Orientation provides a broad overview of Online Learning at SGTC. More specific information is presented in the Online Orientation course. Please review the Policies & Procedures, information on the Online Orientation Course, and the System Requirements for accessing Blackboard. Students should reference orientation materials often to ensure that they are in alignment with policies and procedures, able to utilize the functionalities of Blackboard in their online courses, and are always meeting the technical requirements  for their computers, laptops, or other devices.

Policies & Procedures

Students enrolled in fully online courses must adhere to a strict attendance policy. They are required to log in to each fully online course no less than once per week and complete appropriate assignments and assessments. In addition, the following policies and procedures apply to Online Learning:

 Online Orientation Course

 SGTC1000 is the Online Learning Orientation Course administered via Blackboard. The course features modules addressing the overarching New & Returning Student Orientation that provides information specific to SGTC (such as free tutoring) as well as familiarizes students with the functionalities of the Blackboard learning management system.

Students that have not completed the current version of the course are automatically enrolled in the mandatory self-paced class each semester. The expectation is that students will earn a benchmark score on the course’s assessment. The course also serves as a reference available to online students throughout the semester. Specifics regarding the Orientation Course are communicated to enrolled students in the online course.