The Georgia Occupational Award of Leadership (GOAL) was launched during 1972 at South Georgia Technical College.  Since then, outstanding students attending Georgia’s technical colleges and divisions have been recognized annually for academic excellence and personal achievement.

Each program instructor may select and nominate one outstanding student. From these nominations, a Screening and Selection Committee select the college’s top student as nominees move through an interview process; this top student is given the title of college GOAL winner.  Then, all college GOAL winners compete at the regional level.  Each regional competition will select three students (there are three regions), so nine semi-finalists will compete at the state level in Atlanta.  The state level competition involves another round of interviews as the nine semi-finalists receive individual consideration from a panel of judges.  From this outstanding group of students, the judges will select one student, the State GOAL Winner, to serve as an ambassador for technical education in Georgia.

The administration of the GOAL program is relatively complex.  Certain activities must be accomplished on a timely basis, using specified procedures and official forms.

To learn more about the “who, what, where, when and how” of the GOAL program’s operations, please contact Vanessa Wall, GOAL Coordinator at 229-931–2713 or vwall@southgatech.edu.

Shown above: Dawn Ammons, 2021 SGTC GOAL Winner and TCSG regional finalist