Getting Started

Success in Online Learning is determined by various factors. First, students should possess specific aptitudes and abilities that lend to the online learning environment. In addition, technical requirements for computers, laptops, and other devices used to access the online learning system must be met to ensure that students can fully utilize all of the site’s features. Last, students are assigned unique login information to access online courses.

Before taking an online course, students should take the Smarter Measure – an online learning readiness assessment. Next, review the System Requirements for accessing online courses. Last, review the instructions for logging into Blackboard, the online learning system.

Smarter Measure Online Readiness Assessment

Are you ready for Online Learning?

The Smarter Measure online readiness assessment determines the likelihood of students to succeed in online courses. However, it does not prevent students from taking online courses. It is simply a tool for students to become more self-aware and purposeful as they pursue online learning opportunities. The instrument measures intrinsic characteristics such as preferred learning styles as well as attends to technical skills such as typing speed and accuracy.

The Smarter Measure assessment is provided free of charge at the GVTC website. Enrollment requires that you select South Georgia Technical College from the list of colleges. New users will be asked to register, providing a valid email address. While the assessment takes less than 30 minutes, students may start the assessment and return later to complete it using their pin number. To begin the assessment, click here.

System Requirements

 Students must ensure that their computer, laptop, or other device meets the minimum hardware and software requirements for accessing Blackboard. The browser is an interface and must be compatible to ensure that Blackboard loads with all of its features available. Otherwise, students may not be able to view all course content and utilize all Blackboard functions.

Access GVTC Blackboard Supported Browsers/Computer Needs to conduct a browser compatibility test and review up-to-date system requirements.