Getting Started

Success in Online Learning is determined by various factors. First, students should possess specific aptitudes and abilities that lend to the online learning environment. In addition, technical requirements for computers, laptops, and other devices used to access the online learning system must be met to ensure that students can fully utilize all of the site’s features. Last, students are assigned unique login information to access online courses.

 Online Learning Information

Students enrolled in fully online classes must log in and complete work weekly or may be dropped for non-participation.

Each fully online course provides valuable course information in the “Getting Started” Module. It contains such items as the syllabus, an accessibility statement, the textbook procedure, virtual office hours, and a first-week assignment.

Although students can email via Blackboard, all email responses are sent to the student’s SGTC email account. Students are encouraged to check their email regularly.

Blackboard utilizes “Single Sign On” for logins. For help, please contact the student IT Help Desk at or 229/931-2290.

If any content provided by the instructor is not accessible or in an inappropriate format for your needs, please contact your instructor to receive alternate, yet, comparable materials.

Contact me should you have any questions about Blackboard. Teresa Jolly,, 229-271-4023


System Requirements

 Students must ensure that their computer, laptop, or other device meets the minimum hardware and software requirements for accessing Blackboard. The browser is an interface and must be compatible to ensure that Blackboard loads with all of its features available. Otherwise, students may not be able to view all course content and utilize all Blackboard functions.

Blackboard Supported Browsers

Use Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. Do not use Internet Explorer. Virtual sessions through Blackboard Collaborate require Chrome.

What if I only have Internet Explorer on my home computer?

Access Internet Explorer on your computer then go to or to download these free browsers

If you are getting error messages in Blackboard, complete the following:

Note: The directions that follow are for Google Chrome.

1. Clear cache. Go to the Blackboard site. Before you login, press Ctrl + Shift + Delete in sequence
and hold. The Clear Browsing Data page will appear. Make sure that the first four options are
selected. Verify that the Time Range field shows All Time or Beginning of Time. Click CLEAR
DATA button.

2. Unblock pop-ups. Go to the Settings page. Click on the Settings in the top-right of your screen.
Go to Advanced (at the bottom). Select Site Settings or Content Settings. Make sure Popups are
allowed. Close the Settings tab. Login to Blackboard.

Access GVTC Blackboard Supported Browsers/Computer Needs to conduct a browser compatibility test and review up-to-date system requirements.

South Georgia Technical College participates in the State Authorization Reciprocity Agreements.