Economic Development

True partnerships, by definition, yield a product that exceeds the expectations of all who are involved. Partnerships at South Georgia Technical College have been a major contributor to our success. The involvement of Business and Industry leaders has provided a foundation for the college to achieve levels of success, credibility, and accountability that is exceedingly rare among educational institutions across the country.

Collaboration efforts with local high schools have increased our enrollment and are dramatically reducing the average age of our students. Joint service agreements with Universities, Departments of Labor, Juvenile Justice, and Family and Children’s Services are developing rapidly and benefit all. Involvement with local community service organizations such as Chambers of Commerce and Economic Development Authorities provide an opportunity to share our facilities and services throughout the communities we serve and will enhance our opportunity for success for years to come. The Economic Development Services Division at South Georgia Technical College is providing the leadership necessary to create this partnership.

We are proud of our college and of our membership in the various partnerships already developed and of the fact that we are recognized as one of the most competent and professional training organizations in the region and our State. South Georgia Technical College has enjoyed a rich heritage of business, industry, and community partnerships. These relationships are the vehicle, which has transported our college from the past into the present and will lead the way to a successful future.