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What is CARE?
CARE is the South Georgia Technical College Campus Assessment Response and Evaluation Team. The SGTC CARE team has been created and organized to help identify, assess, respond to, and reduce concerning behaviors in order to foster safe campus environments for faculty, staff, and students. The CARE Network works most effectively when the SGTC community shares information through CARE referrals or reports, phone conversations or in person with a CARE staff member.

CARE Mission
The mission of the Campus Assessment Response and Evaluation (CARE) team is to serve as a behavioral intervention team in order to provide a proactive and supportive interdisciplinary team approach to prevention, assessment, intervention, and management of situations that may impact the safety and well-being of individuals on the college campus.

CARE Goals

The CARE team focuses on the wellness concerns for others. This may include referrals about a person, an incident, or an issue of concern. It may include instances where there are violations of institutional rules or state and federal law. Any member of the college community may become aware of a troubling person or situation that is causing serious anxiety, stress, or fear. Share these types incidents with the CARE Team. However, in the case of a crisis where a person may pose an active or immediate risk of violence to self or others, call 911 and contact campus safety immediately.

How Do I Make A Referral?
It is the responsibility of faculty, staff, and students to immediately share any situation that could possibly result in harm to anyone in the college community. Individuals can submit referrals in the following ways:

    1. Submit an online report by visiting or email
    2. Contact a CARE Team Member
    3. Anonymous referrals can be submitted by phone, email to, or by submission of a form.

Shareable Behaviors

Faculty, staff, students, and parents are encouraged to address their concerns with the individual prior to submitting a CARE Referral, although we are aware that this is not always possible.

Disruptive behavior and violent threats or acts may be complex, intimidating and confusing. The concerning behavior you witness may be one small piece to a larger puzzle that more completely describes the person of concern.

By sharing these and any other behaviors or incidents that may be impacting an individual’s ability to be successful in the community to CARE, the team may provide appropriate resources.

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Meet Your CARE Team:

Karen Werling, Chair
Vice President of Operations

Eulish Kinchens
Vice President of Student Affairs

Julie Partain
Vice President of Academic Affairs

Su Ann Bird
Vice President Institutional Advancement

Joshua Curtin
Assistant Vice President of Student Affairs

Michelle McGowan
Assistant Vice President of Academic Affairs (Crisp County Campus

Sammy Stone
Director of Campus Safety

Katrice Taylor Martin
Director of Institutional Effectiveness & Grants Coordinator

Jennifer Robinson
Special Populations Coordinator

Erika Carillo-Arias
Human Resources Specialist