Automotive Chassis and Climate Control Specialist

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Program Overview

The Automotive Chassis and Climate Control Specialist certificate program provides students with skills needed to enter the automotive industry as an entry leve chassis and climate control tehcnician. Topics covered include: shop saftey, basic electical / electronic theory and diagnosis, chasis compontent and types, steering system components and and service, alignment theory and procedures, brake system operation and repair, and theory, operation, and servicing or automotive climate control systems.

Course Overview
CourseCredit Hours
AUTT 1010 Automotive Technology Intro 2
AUTT 1020 Automotive Electrical Systems 7
AUTT 1030 Automotive Brake Systems 4
AUTT 1050 Auto Suspension & Steering Systems 4
AUTT 1060 Automotive Climate Ctrl Syst 5
*22 minimum semester hour credits required for certificate