Basic Electrical Technician

Offered At the following campus locations
Program Overview

The Basic Electrical Technician Technical Certificate of Credit provides fundamental instruction in electrical construction principles and practices. Topics include safety, mathematical applications, reading and interpreting blueprints, and direct and alternating current circuits.

Course Overview
CourseCredit Hours
MATH 1012 Foundations of Mathematics 3
IDFC 1007 Industrial Safety Procedures 2
ELTR 1060 ELCT Prints, Schematics, & Symb 2
Select one of the following DC courses:
IDFC 1011 Direct Current I 3
IDSY 1101 DC Circuit Analysis 3
ELTR 1010 Direct Current Fundamentals 3
Select one of the following AC courses:
IDFC 1012 Alternating Current I 3
IDSY 1105 AC Circuit Analysis 3
ELTR 1020 Alternating Current Fundamentals 3
*13 minimum semester hour credits required for certificate