Electronics Technology

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Program Overview

The Electronics Technology program is a sequence of courses designed to prepare students for careers in electronics technology professions. Learning opportunities develop academic, technical, and professional knowledge and skills required for job acquisition, retention, and advancement. Program graduates are to be competent in the general areas of communications, mathematics computer literacy, and interpersonal relations. The program emphasizes a combination of electronics technology theory and practical application necessary for successful employment using both manual and computerized electronics systems. Program graduates receive an Electronics Technology Diploma which qualifies them as electronics technicians with a specialization in general electronics or communications electronics.

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Entrance Requirements

Education: A high school diploma or its equivalent is required for admission. Age: 16 years or older Placement: Achievement of appropriate scores on the college's placement test or submission of acceptable SAT or ACT scores. Provisional Admission accepted.

Course Overview
CourseCredit Hours
ENGL 1010 Fundamentals of English I 3
MATH 1013 Algebraic Concepts 3
MATH 1012 Foundations of Mathematics 3
MATH 1111 College Algebra 3
EMPL 1000 Interpersonal Relat & Prof Dev 2
ELCR 1005 Soldering Technology 1
ELCR 1010 Direct Current Circuits 6
ELCR 1020 Alternating Current Circuits 7
ELCR 1030 Solid State Devices 5
ELCR 1040 Digital & Microprocessor Fund 5
ELCR 1060 Linear Integrated Circuits 3
XXXX 300 Occupational Elective 3
Students are required to complete one of the following specializations:
XXXX xxxx Occupationally Related Electives 16
ELCR 2210 Analog Communications 5
ELCR 2220 Digital Communications 3
ELCR 2230 Antenna and Transmission Lines 3
ELCR 2240 Microwave Communications & Radar 3
ELCR 2250 Optical Comm Techniques 3
*54 minimum semester hour credits required for graduation