Environmental Horticulture Technician

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Program Overview

The Environmental Horticulture Technician technical certificate of credit prepares students to engage in the propagation, growing and marketing of plants for use in the home, business or the landscape greenhouse and nursery operations. The program provides a solid foundation of plant knowledge and nursery, garden center skills to equip students to work effectively in nurseries, retail garden centers, and entrepreneurial enterprises. The program emphasizes hands-on learning and most courses incorporate lab activities that apply knowledge and skills in realistic settings.

Course Overview
CourseCredit Hours
HORT 1000 Horticulture Science 3
HORT 1050 Nursery Prod & Mgmt 4
HORT 1070 Landscape Installation 4
HORT 1080 Pest Management 3
HORT 1310 Irrigation & Water Mgmt 4
*18 minimum semester hour credits required for certificate