Motorsports Fabrication Technician

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Program Overview

The Motorsports Fabrication certificate program prepares students for an
entry level or apprenticeship position in a racing vehicle shop, custom shop,
or street rod shop fabricating related parts. The student will learn how to
identify types of metals, form various shapes, and identify types of fastening
methods for various applications. Students will also learn machining
methods as they apply to basic fabrication and the fabrication techniques
associated with carbon fiber race cars of the installation methods of fitting
body panels to IMCA style stock cars.

Course Overview
CourseCredit Hours
MSVT 1000 Intro-Motorspts & Race VehSysts 3
MSVT 1020 Motorsports Machine Tool 4
MSVT 1030 Motorsports Welding 3
MSVT 1050 Fabrication Techniques 6
MSVT 2005 Body & Chassis Design&Fabricatio 5
*21 minimum semester hour credits required for certificate