Practical Nursing

Offered At the following campus locations
Program Overview

The Practical Nursing program is designed to prepare students to write the NCLEX-PN for licensure as practical nurses. The program prepares graduates to give competent nursing care. This is done through a selected number of academic and occupational courses providing a variety of techniques and materials necessary to assist the student in acquiring the needed knowledge and skills to give competent care. A variety of clinical experiences is planned so that theory and practice are integrated under the guidance of the clinical instructor. Program graduates receive a practical nursing diploma and have the qualifications of an entry-level practical nurse. The PN12 program is a diploma program to be implemented with new cohorts of students beginning Fall 2011 and beyond. Students most commonly will have to submit a satisfactory criminal background check as well as a drug screen in order to be placed in a clinical health care facility to complete the clinical rotations of their educational training.


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Acceptance into the Practical Nursing program does not guarantee participation in the clinical setting. A physical examination is required prior to entering the clinical facility. A drug test and a criminal background check may be a stipulation of the clinical facility before beginning the clinical rotation. Failure to complete such requirements to the satisfaction of the clinical facility could prohibit the clinical experience, thus, terminating participation before graduation.

Entrance Requirements

Education: A high school diploma or its equivalent is required for admission. Age: 18 years or older Placement: Achievement of appropriate scores on the college's placement test or submission of acceptable SAT or ACT scores. Only Regular Admission students are accepted.

Course Overview
CourseCredit Hours
ENGL 1010 Fundamentals of English I 3
MATH 1012 Foundations of Mathematics 3
PSYC 1010 Basic Psychology 3
ALHS 1011 Structure & Function of the Human Body 5
ALHS 1090 Med Term/Allied Health Sciences 2
PNSG 2010 Intro to Pharm & Cl Calcula 2
PNSG 2030 Nursing Fundamentals 6
PNSG 2035 Nursing Fund Clinicals 2
PNSG 2210 Med Surg Nursing I 4
PNSG 2220 Med Surg Nursing II 4
PNSG 2230 Medical Surgical Nursing III 4
PNSG 2240 Med Surg Nursing IV 4
PNSG 2310 Med Surg Nursing Clinc I 2
PNSG 2320 Med Surg Nursing Clin II 2
PNSG 2330 Med Surg Nursing Clin III 2
PNSG 2340 Med Surg Nursing Clin IV 2
PNSG 2250 Maternity Nursing 3
PNSG 2255 Maternity Nursing Clinical 1
PNSG 2410 Nursing Leadership 1
PNSG 2415 Nursing Ldrshp Clinical 2
*57 minimum quarter hour credits required for graduation