Railcar Repair Technician

Offered At the following campus locations
Program Overview

The Railcar Repair Technician certificate program provides individuals with an opportunity to enter the workforce in an area that specializes in the repair of all classifications of railcars. Railcar Repair consists of developing skills for reviewing specifications and work orders, air brake repair and renewing, and general and specialized repairs of major and minor components.

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Course Overview
CourseCredit Hours
WELD 1000 Intro to Welding Technology 4
WELD 1010 Oxyfuel and Plasma Cutting 4
WELD 1040 Flat Shielded Metal Arc Weld 4
WELD 1050 Horizon Shielded Metal ArcWeld 4
RCRT 1106 Intro Railcar Struct. Compon 2
WELD 1060 Vert Shielded Metal Arc Weld 4
WELD 1070 Overhead Shield Metal Arc Weld 4
RCRT 1108 AAR Rules and Regulations 3
RCRT 1110 Railcar Air Brake Equip. 3
RCRT 1112 Railcar Components Parts Rep 3
RCRT 1114 Railcar Equipment and Access. 3
*38 minimum semester hour credits required for certificate