SGTC announces virtual trivia contest winners

July 1, 2020
South Georgia Technical College’s Heather Hinton and Jessie Louis Melton were two of the SGTC Virtual Trivia Contest winners and they are shown here with their prizes.
South Georgia Technical College’s Heather Hinton and Jessie Louis Melton were two of the SGTC Virtual Trivia Contest winners and they are shown here with their prizes.

    South Georgia Technical College hosted a “Virtual Trivia” contest for students enrolled in summer semester classes and six students will be receiving prizes based on their winning answers.  All of the answers to the trivia questions could be found on the SGTC website:

   The winners of the SGTC Virtual Trivia Contest were:  Heather Hinton, Jessie Louis Melton, Vivian Aguirre-Garcia, Ashlyn Childs, Shenequa Hall, and Alexis Wilson.

   “Since most of our students are taking classes on-line this summer, we wanted to find some student activity that would be fun and virtual,” said South Georgia Technical College Assistant Vice President of Student Affairs Vanessa Wall.  “We came up with the virtual trivia contest and developed questions that students could find on our website as well as help them if they had questions about the college.”

   To win, the students had to provide the correct answers to all 10 questions and email their answers to Vanessa Wall.  Each student who came up with all of the correct answers by the contest deadline will receive an SGTC sling backpack with two SGTC facemasks, a cooling towel, water bottle, hand sanitizer, and SGTC lanyard.

The 10 questions included on the SGTC Virtual Trivia contest were:  1.) Name the current President of South Georgia Technical College; 2.) Name three programs that are included in the HOPE Career Grant; 3.) What does FAFSA stand for; 4.) How many counties does South Georgia Technical College currently serve; 5.) What is the name of the payment plan used by South Georgia Technical College to help students with tuition; 6.) Name the famous aviator associated with South Georgia Technical College; 7.) What does GOAL stand for; 8.) According to our Online Learning Single Sign-On Video, if you have problems with Blackboard and have tried everything you know to do, what email address do you use as a last resort; 9.) What is the name of the student organization that allows you to compete in contests that display the skills you have learned in your program area; and 10.) What is the name of the online learning readiness assessment that students are encouraged to take prior to registering for an online course?

   The correct answers were:  1.) Dr. John Watford; 2.) Names three of the following: Advanced Shielded Metal Arc Welder, Basic Shielded Metal Arc Welder, Certified Manufacturing Specialist, Child Development Specialist, Computer Forensic and Investigation Specialist, Commercial Truck Driving, Diesel Equipment Technology, Early Childhood Care/Education, Flux Cored ARC Welder, Game Development Specialist, Gas Metal ARC Welder, Gas Tungsten ARC Welder, Medical Coding, Medical Front Office Assistant, Microsoft Network Administrator, Networking Specialist, Nurse Aide, PC Repair and Network Technician, Phlebotomy Technician, Pipe Welder, Practical Nursing, Vertical Shielded Metal ARC Welder Fabricator, Welding and Joining Technology, and Welding Blueprint Reading 3.) Free Application for Federal Student Aid; 4.) SGTC serves seven counties: Sumter, Crisp, Schley, Macon, Marion, Webster, and Taylor; 5.) Nelnet; 6.) Charles Lindbergh; 7.) GOAL = Georgia Occupational Award of Leadership; 8.); 9.) Skills USA; and 10.) Smarter Measure.

    South Georgia Technical College will be hosting different virtual student activities for its students throughout the summer months to help keep them engaged with campus activities even while they are completing their academic studies online.

   For more information about the South Georgia Technical College student activities contact, SGTC Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs Vanessa Wall at