South Georgia Technical College Foundation receives $5,000 grant from Flint Energies Foundation

July 13, 2017
South Georgia Technical College Vice President of Institutional Advancement Su Ann Bird (right) is shown accepting the big check for $5,000 for the South Georgia Technical College Foundation from the Flint Energies Foundation members.
South Georgia Technical College Vice President of Institutional Advancement Su Ann Bird (right) is shown accepting the big check for $5,000 for the South Georgia Technical College Foundation from the Flint Energies Foundation members.

REYNOLDS/WARNER ROBINS/UPATOI – The South Georgia Technical College Foundation recently received $5,000 in grant funds from the Flint Energies Foundation. The grant will assist in the funding of equipment for the college’s Electric Generation Program as well as help provide new text books for students to be able to use each semester at no cost. South Georgia Technical College was the first college in the state to provide students with access to textbooks at no cost each semester.

“South Georgia Technical College and the South Georgia Technical College Foundation would like to thank Flint Energies and the Flint Energies Foundation as well as each of the Flint Energies customers who support Operation Round Up for the support of our students,” said South Georgia Technical College President Dr. John Watford. “This is an excellent way to give back to the communities that you serve and the students who will benefit from these donations.”

Su Ann Bird, Executive Director of the SGTC Foundation and Vice President of Institutional Advancement for South Georgia Technical College, echoed Dr. Watford’s comments. “The grant as well as the support of the Flint Energies Foundation is very much appreciated. Your contributions will help nearly 3000 individuals this year who will have the use of textbooks and be able to train on the latest equipment in the new Electrical Power Generation program. And these contributions will continue to benefit students for years to come,” said Bird.

In 2001, Flint Energies adopted this uniquely simple and rewarding way to enable members to raise money for local charities and service organizations – Operation Round Up®. The electric cooperative’s members contribute nearly $200,000 annually to the Flint Energies Foundation, which supports worthy causes in the 17 counties it serves. Operation Roundup® is a way for members to add voluntarily to those funds in their own unique way.

Participating members allow Flint Energies to “round-up” their bill to the nearest dollar. For example, if a bill is $92.71, a member will pay $93, with all 29 cents going directly to the Flint Energies Foundation. On average, a member will contribute $6 a year, but never more than $11.88. If a member decides not to participate or chooses to discontinue contributions at any time, they may simply contact Flint Energies. Nearly 65% of Flint’s members have chosen to participate. Donations to Operation Round Up® are tax deductible and members receive a summary of contributions in future January and February bills.

The Flint Energies Foundation Board of Directors disburses all contributions to approved, worthy projects. Member contributions are not used for administration costs. The Foundation is a state-chartered, non-profit, 501(c) foundation. Foundation Board members include Chairman Kathy Waites, Fort Valley; Vice Chairman Joanne Hamlin, Lizella; Treasurer Connie McCutchen, Midland; Gina Fink, Kathleen; Charles Harrison, Grovania; Pat Bartness, Warner Robins; Traci Kemp, Warner Robins; John Luppino, Warner Robins; Rudy Killingsworth, Buena Vista; Eloise Doty, Butler and Betty Chase, Oglethorpe.

Palmetto Electric Cooperative in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, began Operation Round Up, in 1989. Since that time, more than 200 other electric membership cooperatives nationwide have chosen to adopt the program. Funding applications are available by contacting Flint Energies at 1.800.342.3616 or visiting the My Community section of

About Flint Energies

Flint Energies is a not-for-profit cooperative owned by thousands of members in parts of 17 central Georgia counties. Flint directly employs 235 employees and serves more than 87,600 electric meters. We are 100% locally-controlled and democratically governed by 11 members elected from among the membership. In 1937, Flint Energies was created to bring people together to meet common needs like reliable electric energy, and our mission remains focused on improving the quality of life in Middle Georgia.

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