SGTC Campus Life and SGA held Red Ribbon Week Event on Campus

October 26, 2017
Group photo of some faculty and staff with students wearing red ribbons and a few students holding big red bows.
Faculty, staff and students show support at the Red Ribbon Week Event

South Georgia Technical College’s Campus Life and Student Government Association held a Red Ribbon Week event on the Americus campus recently in Hicks Hall.  Students attending the rally received a Red Ribbon. Janice Harris, Chairperson for the Americus and Sumter County Red Ribbon campaign, gave an overview of Red Ribbon Week and how drug awareness will be promoted throughout the week. A community-wide kickoff was held at the Sumter County Courthouse with law enforcement agencies and large red bows were displayed. Resource officers, deputies and police officers will be promoting drug awareness. Red bows will be displayed throughout the county and daily activities are planned in all schools in the county.